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Monday FLASH Deal



4 for 3

Would you like matching tattoos or just a few tats at the same time for a great deal?

On Monday’s ONLY, we are offering 4 tattoos for a price of 3 as long as they fit into a 2” x 2” square & they must be chosen from our design catalog! No alterations! First come, first serve.

FLASH Willy-Nilly


Flash Willy-Nilly - Killer Silver Tattoo

 Are you an adrenaline junky feeling adventurous & spontaneous?

Our FLASH Willy-Nilly special is your quick fix! For $100 you can draw from our bubblegum machine for a SURPRISE flash design. If you are not happy with your flash design dispensed, try your luck again for a $10 re-draw fee, up to 3 times. If you are still not happy – you can pick from ALEXA’s design catalog.

No alterations!

Anything for $100


Are you low on funds but still wanting to get some cute tattoos?

We have a wide selection of designs to choose from.  or we can help you to alter your favorite design to get this great deal.

MUST FIT into 2” x 2” square.

No alterations!


If your design is bigger then our square, we are still able to work with it but prices will vary depending on final size and details.

We will reply to your sign up form via email and work out the details from there.


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