Killer Silver

World class tattoo Ink

What is Killer Silver?

Killer Silver is a tattoo ink that was specially formulated by our co-founder and resident artist, Caesar.

Named, the Se7en Deadly Shades, Caesar spent over a decade mixing and testing this final Formula to ensure that the product line is the best on the market. The Se7en Deadly Shades is the most consistent grey-wash ink set in the industry, with precisely designed shades that span from 100% black to a subtle 6% black. Six ranges of black ink shades, plus white ink for highlighting and 3D illusions, make up the full set.

Today, Killer Silver Ink’s ” The Se7en Deadly Shades “ is used by internationally recognized tattoo artists around the world, who praise its consistency in shade quality and ability to capture the finest details of their work. It is also renowned for its safe quality – Killer Silver contains non-allergenic ingredients with ZERO CARCINOGENS, making it one of the safest tattoo inks on the market, thus also suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

" The se7en Deadly Shades "

Where does the name KILLER SILVER TATTOO Studio come from?

Killer Silver Tattoo Studio showcases the incredible possibilities of what a tattoo artist can do with Killer Silver tattoo ink. Daily, we show the world what our ink is capable of doing in the hands of tattoo artists who encompass a range of styles – from black work to black and grey photo realism.

Nothing displays our ink’s quality better than the work of our Killer Silver Sponsored artists. Each artist exclusively uses Killer Silver ink for all tattoo work done at Killer Silver Tattoo Studio.

Why is Killer Silver different?

Client safety is our number one priority. In keeping with that, we are proud to exercise great responsibility by using a brand of ink that we know for certain is safe for each person who walks through our doors. The United States does not have strict regulations when it comes to the tattoo industry – which doesn’t meet our high standards of care. Our clients’ long-term health means too much to us.

Manufactured in small batches in Westchester County, NY each bottle is inspected by hand to ensure the highest quality. Killer Silver Ink is also certified by the European Union (EU), and has even passed the strictest German-legislated customer safety standards for commercial tattoo ink, which is the only standard for tattoo ink that is federally implemented by any country.

Killer Silver Ink is different from its competitors because it is as honest a product as it can be.


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