Developer of Killer Silver Ink and Resident Artist
Resident Artist,
Style: large scale realistic Black and Gray tattooing

Caesar is an internationally recognized award winner for large scale black & Gray pieces. He specializes in photo realism with a touch of his Eastern European heritage that makes his artwork instantly recognizable. He has had significant impact on the tattoo world by being one of the first and best artists to intricately use symbolism to push a tattoo’s narrative. 

He also the developer and manufacturer of  Killer Silver Tattoo Ink.

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Caesar’s Biography

Caesar is a globally recognized and awarded pioneer in the art of large scale, black and grey tattoos. He was born in Hungary, and from a young age showed that he had a highly developed artistic flair. He got his first tattoo at a friend’s house and remembers it being a pivotal moment when he knew that tattooing was his calling. It wasn’t long before he got his hands on a homemade tattoo machine and set off on the first steps of his journey. At the beginning, tattooing was still underground, so there was no one who could share their professional knowledge; compelling Caesar to learn through trial and error, developing his craft through careful observation and experimentation.

After becoming proficient, the next step of his journey was to pursue his dream of working in America. So, he set off with no money, no English, and no connections to pursue a bright future. He faced struggles and adventures, and after three years of moving all over the east coast he established himself in New York City. It wasn’t too much later in 2008 when he opened his tattoo shop in the East Village.


 But his dedication didn’t end there, Caesar always strove for precision in his work since day one, and he couldn’t sit still until he could develop the ideal equipment he wanted to work with. In 2013, after noticing a void in the market for safe selections of gray-wash ink, Caesar developed his own ink set and launched his brand Killer Silver – “The se7en Deadly Shades”, He proudly manufactures these products, using U.S ingredients, in New York under his direct supervison. Wanting to give back to the industry, he followed up on that by founding a tattoo equipment company, REBEL Tattoo Machine LLC, to help fellow artists level up their artwork by developing with precision driven equipment.

In the past twenty five plus years, Caesar has managed to create his own signature style, boasting an unrivaled ability to compose a tattoo so that it flows and meshes seamlessly. He weaves a story through hyper photo realistic imagery and black and grey; in fact featuring over 29 pages (the most coverage) in Marisa Kakoulas’s book Black & Grey Tattoo – 3 Volume Set – From Street Art to Fine Art. He has also extensively traveled the world to attend conventions, both as an artist and as a judge. Everywhere he goes, his reputation proceeds him as a creator of signature large scale pieces that draw attention from both passive onlookers and devoted tattoo collectors alike.

Caesar grew up listening to bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Panthera and that musical interest continues to this day. He also enjoys watching quality documentaries and working with oil paints.


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