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World Class Tattooing


Killer Silver Tattoo is a studio for high-end tattooing by our experienced Resident artists. We also regularly invite renowned Killer Silver Ink International sponsored Guest artists.

We specialize in custom large scale black and gray tattooing in the New York Metropolitan area. Our artists excel at using the body as a canvas to tell a story in incredibly cohesive and intricate visual detail.

We do not repeat ourselves. Every design is yours, and yours alone!

We’ve been professionally tattooing for quite a long time, and have built a supremely loyal clientele. Most of us specialize in a certain style, but the shop is generally capable of doing all styles of tattooing.

Our specialty still revolves around the style of large-scale black and gray photo realism, and our artists have won many international awards and accolades for this.

We apologize ahead of time, but we are usually booked up for a certain period of time — therefore, if you just walk-in, you may need to schedule an appointment for a later time.




Customer safety is our #1 priority, which is why we use the industry standard in safe ink: Killer Silver

You may be shocked to know that most people walking around with tattoos have little more than rebranded printer jet ink under their skin. It’s strange that we are increasingly careful about what food we eat and how we interact with our environment, but something so intimate as our skin has gone unnoticed.

Unlike the rest of the market, our EU certified brand guarantees your safety with Food Grade ingredients. Our product has no carcinogens, backed up by certification from the strictest country on the planet; Germany.


 Killer Silver is the creation of our co-founder and resident artist: Caesar. He used his extensive experience in the industry coupled with years of research and development to develop a product which; is safe, of the highest quality, and rigorously certified. 

And because this ink is manufactured here in New York by us, we can guarantee that only the best possible product is used under your skin to create lifelong art. 

Resident Artists

Award winner tattoo artists

World Class Tattooing


Multiple Award winning Tattoo Artist & International Recognition

Style: Black & Gray and large-scale storytelling


  • Photo-realism
  • Symbolism
  • Custom visual narratives
  • Multiple award-winning tattoo artist
  • Over 30+ International Magazine features
Javier Sarmiento - Tattoo Artist - Killer Silver Tattoo


Multiple Award winning Tattoo Artist & International Recognition

Style: New school and Neo-traditional


  • New School/Neo-Trad fusion
  • Custom Neo-traditional
  • Color creations
  • Punk


Killer Silver Tattoo is place you go when only looking for the best quality in black and gray realism. Caesar is a master tattooist that holds the highest caliber skill set in the industry with proven master pieces setting him apart.

Michael Kahn

One of the Tattoo meccas of New York City, best Artists for black and grey work, and everything your imagination can muster, detailed work, very precise skills, overall top professionalism and the utmost caring for each individual customer art.

Christopher Thomas

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind if you are looking for true quality work from a knowledgeable artist, look no further—Killer Silver Tattoo is your answer. I’m glad I waited so many years to find such a highly skilled black and gray master. I wear my tattoo with pride, I will definitely be coming back for more.

Luis Huarcaya

This is a TOP QUALITY tattoo studio! You totally get what you pay for and what you get is a piece of true art that will last you a lifetime. The entire staff is amazingly talented and friendly.

Mantas Plioplys

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