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Killer Silver Tattoo Studio

A new chapter in word-class tattooing

In 2007, Caesar (the Hun) opened Caesar Tattoo in the heart of East Village and has run it successfully there for many years. A self-taught artist, Caesar developed his passion in his home country of Hungary in the early 1990s, where tattooing was an underground and isolated art. Over time, he mastered creating hyper realistic portraits with incredible depth and detail, attracting a loyal customer base.

In 2013, after noticing a void in the market for safe selections of gray-wash ink, Caesar established Killer Silver LTD. “The Se7en Deadly Shades”, its inaugural product line, is a collection of six shades spanning from 100% black to a subtle 6% black, plus one white highlight. EU-certified and made with non-allergenic ingredients that contain ZERO Carcinogens, The Se7en Deadly Shades helps tattoo artists achieve stunning results.

The growing popularity of The Se7en Deadly Shades has increased Caesar’s schedule with travel, from Canada and New Zealand to Asia and and numerous European countries. In Fall 2018 Caesar felt the demand to expand and established Killer Silver Tattoo Studio. At this studio, Caesar is broadening his roster of world-renowned Killer Silver sponsored artists committed to blending his safe selection of high-quality ink with expert skill.

Caesar is also excited to partner with Kamilus (Kamil) Maximus in running Killer Silver Tattoo Studio full time. A longtime client of Caesar’s, Kamil’s expertise in marketing and video production along with outstanding customer service will take Killer Silver Tattoo Studio to new heights. As Kamil shares:

“I couldn’t be more satisfied to have Caesar as my business partner. We are building something to hold to the highest standard. Our story is just beginning. There are many more chapters that await us.”

Schedule an appointment today to experience this new era of exceptional tattoos made with safe ink and the outstanding customer care you deserve.


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