Tattoo Artist
Style: Miniature, fine-line, dot work and geometrical tattoo styles

Alexa as a young artist wants to find her voice, when it comes to personal style. Caesar helps and guides her on this long bumpy road and is developing from scratch in an excellent way.
She aims to constantly challenge herself to become a better artist. Her dream is to make her mark in the world as a female tattoo artist, and create pieces that generations of her family can remember her.
She is very passionate about the tattoo industry. The tattoo culture and endless possibilities motivate her. The industry is growing rapidly, which makes people more aware and open to the art – and she wants to be a part of it.

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Alexa’s Biography

Alexa was born in the second millennium. She is a very talented Filipina American artist born and raised in New York.

Her interest in art started around the very early age of 5, when she started doodling everywhere. It didn’t matter if it was a freshly painted wall, the refrigerator, Daddy’s car, or classmates’ faces. They all supported her talent and she kept going with a sweet smile on her face.

As time passed and she had control over placement, her passion began to grow. Graphite, color pencil, marker, and acrylic paint became her favorite mediums. Studying art sped up her progress on becoming an artist. At the age of 14, her sister started getting tattooed. This made a deep emotional impression on Alexa, and the spark of art ignited within her. However, at that time it didn’t become anything more. After getting familiar and confident with traditional mediums, Alexa’s attention turned to digital as a necessity to keep up with the fast growing and changing art world. This way, she can use her traditional knowledge and transform it into an original digital art piece.

With the discouragement of the school counselors and the financial hardship of an artist, Alexa’s interest has been forced to turn into a different career path. She enrolled at St. John’s University as a BioMed major. After her first year, she figured that this would not serve her any happiness in the long run. In her second year, she transferred into a totally different direction – Graphic Design. 😊Her passion overruled logic.

However, during COVID years, remote studying visual art under costly tuition was not worth the stress for Alexa. She gave it a break and became employed at a part time job at a local retail store. This is where fellow co-workers brainstormed what she should do with her exceptional art skills. The suggestions were: Illustration, Graphic Design, Corporate Creative Assistant, UX Design, Merchandise Production, Fashion Design and there one familiar: TATTOOING.

The old light bulb turned on again. She turned to her regular tattoo artist in Brooklyn, where she asked them for a potential apprenticeship. She was very happy that she had been given this opportunity. Although, the smile turned into a frown in a short period of time when she was let go through a text message.
After many sleepless nights, Alexa’s determination did not change. With eagerness and perseverance, she started calling every local tattoo shop that popped up on google maps and asked for an apprenticeship.

After many rejections, on the 27th of October, 2021 someone answered her call and said: “email me about yourself and a short resume”, so Alexa did. She had no clue who gave her this chance. She just desperately wanted to be connected to the industry. Three days later Alexa met Caesar in person at the Scarsdale tattoo shop. After clearing responsibilities and obligations, they mutually agreed on three months and gave it a shot. This is how Alexa ended up under Caesar’s wings and her professional apprenticeship started thriving. She became the first femala tattoo artist in the Killer Silver Tattoo crew.

Now, Alexa is looking for guinea pigs to build up her portfolio on a tip-based compensation.

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