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What is under your skin?

Doesn’t matter whether you are a first timer or a collector, Killer Silver Tattoo Studio provides exceptional tattoo work and offers you EU Certified, ZERO CARCINOGENS, tattoo ink, called: KILLER SILVER for your tattoos. This way, we ensure that all of our clients will not suffer any short- or long-term health issues as a result of the tattoo ink used for our tattoos.

Customer safety is our #1 priority!

Killer Silver Tattoo Ink was developed by owner and internationally recognized tattoo artist, CAESAR THE HUN.  Our safe tattoo ink is manufactured right here in the Westchester County under Caesar’s close supervision & is made from food-grade ingredients, unlike many other ink products on the market imported from overseas with unknown additives.

One of the main reasons why most people do not think about the type of tattoo ink is because the ink product is never put into their hands. They don’t have the chance to examine the bottle for ingredients before the tattoo session begins. Thus, the clients can’t decide whether or not they would want to put it into their body.

You put your trust into your chosen tattoo artist by their portfolio, but you never raise a thought about your safety.

Caesar says:

“The US tattoo industry unregulated right now, thus ink quality and safety are depending on the manufacturers’ conscious. Unfortunately, in capitalism, honesty makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars. For me as a tattoo artist and tattoo ink manufacturer, I needed peace of mind that my product is not causing any health issues to any clients, so I can sleep well.”

Most of the time, tattoo artists go for the lower price to maximize profit, thus they choose the cheaper tattoo ink and never prioritize the client’s safety. Unfortunately, tattoo artists don’t know the chemical formulation of the ink they use. Next time, please ask your tattoo artist about it!

Heavy metals, and other PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) make tattoo inks unsafe. Most of these materials can cause cancer while they settle in your skin and stay there for your entire life.

Are you heavily tattooed and your jaw has dropped because you have never considered or heard anything above? You are not the first one.

Knowing all of this now, the question is: which tattoo shop would you want to receive a tattoo from?

At Killer Silver Tattoo Studio you can have it all. Exceptional artwork, caring customer service, and SAFE tattoo ink along with a calm, clean and accommodating professional environment. We are not your average tattooist. We are artists with creativity and art skills that enable us to create custom tattoos for you, not just copying other’s work.


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