World Class Tattooing with World Class Tattoo Ink - Killer Silver Tattoo

Making our mark in New York through world class tattooing with world class tattoo ink

Killer Silver - Ultimate Gray Wash Set - Tattoo Ink

Innovative tattooing – and tattoo ink – in the East Village

There are hundreds of tattoo shops in New York City. So what sets the new Killer Silver Tattoo studio on Avenue B apart from all the rest? The secret is right there on the ink labels.

Killer Silver is a EU certified unique tattoo ink that is manufactured in USA (New York!), with food quality ingredients that  contain no carcinogens –  and Killer Silver Ink follows the NOT REQUIRED food LABELING GUIDELINES to ensure the highest transparency and client satisfaction. All in all, you can be certain that this tattoo ink will not cause short or long term health issues.

Founded and developed by Caesar the Hun in 2013, Killer Silver Tattoo ink (used exclusively by the new studio) is the ultimate gray wash ink system that’s setting the standard of black and grey tattooing worldwide – and it’s become the go-to ink for countless world-renowned tattoo artists since it’s inception. Now, it’s made it’s home on the shelves of the studio, where it’ll be used by international sponsored Killer Silver artists who’ll be making guest appearance at the shop, as well as resident Killer Silver artists (Philipus and Ken) and even Caesar the Hun himself.

Kamil & Caesar owners of Killer Silver Tattoo

With a goal of making this ultimate ink product and it’s killer results more mainstream, Caesar has partnered with longtime client and now business partner, Kamilien Maximus, who’ll be running the shop’s operations, marketing, and merchandise (yes, you can even get yourself some Killer Silver goods to sport around the city!!)

A true fan of the Killer Silver brand since day one, Kamil believes it’s time for this Killer product to make it’s way onto the skin of hundreds of new clients, and he can’t wait till the studio’s officially open for business.

So whether you’re a passerby, a long time resident, or a traveler coming to town for a 360° world class tattoo expertise, look no further than Avenue B’s own new badboy in town – Killer Silver Tattoo.

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